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If you're passionate about web3 and want to build dapps for the real world, try building with Chromia.

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Write your first dapp on Chromia

This course helps you get started with Chromia by developing a book review dapp that allows users to post book reviews effortlessly. We will start with the basic concepts of Chromia and the Rell programming language and apply them to this simple dapp.

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Create a simple dapp on Chromia using Rell and React

Create a decentralized news feed app like Twitter/X using Chromia. Learn database design, queries, operations, and integrate MetaMask for the frontend.

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Web3 for Web2 developers

As a web developer, get oriented in the world of Web3. Learn how to transition to Web3 development and discover how it's easier than you might think.

Deep Dive into Chromia

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Get Relational!

Unlock the secrets of relational blockchain technology by diving into our Chromia blog. With in-depth articles and expert insights, you'll discover innovative ways to enhance your projects.

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Experience being a Chromia Developer

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest updates on Chromia chain development. Our blog posts are packed with the newest features, technical advancements, and insights directly from the source.

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Fun and Games, without the Bullsh*t

Step into the future of gaming with Chromia's Web3 innovations. Explore our blog posts to uncover developments in blockchain gaming, tools, and techniques, igniting your creativity.

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